Wednesday, October 22, 2014


What a happy month!  I purged my house of things I don't need.  Rented a storage closet and got a lot of things out.  Donated a dresser and bookshelves.  NOW the fun begins!

I even learned how to make chalk paint and re-did a formerly dark wood/wrought iron dresser for my guest room (which I call a Prophet's Chamber).

I gave away the big dresser and mirror so now I'm working on filling the wall with LOTS of mirrors - and my sweet Tobey made me a huge "flower" out of an old Shakespeare book - perfect centerpiece!
Methinks it's PERFECTLY perfect now!

Re-entry into life as a US person has been ... interesting!  But hanging out with family, church friends, and neighbors - it's just been fabulous.  My wonderful handy-man friend has come over 2-3 times and we're beginning a huge project on those railroad ties which used to hold up the slope on which my house is sitting!  This is going to be major - the house is cracking in the middle.  I've known for a long time that the dirt was slowly sliding off into the street but now it seems the house is too - oh boy!  Trimming trees, spraying for critters ... total immersion, eh?

I got a big surprise from the Bedford Police on the 27th of May - a SPEEDING TICKET! Yes I was going too fast and yes it was a construction zone - but I did NOT plan on spending $300 right at this time.  Believe you me, I drive the speed limit now!  I guess that police officer was having a very bad day - and he surely didn't know I' d just bought a CHAIN SAW - ha!

AND I got new house numbers!  For the first time ever, this house has numbers - ain't THAT grand! I call my house "Villa Shalom" cause it's full of peace! Hopefully, yours is too.

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