Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Time is flying – backwards – hee hee!  July was a month of road trips.  WOW is that fun! 
I started the month with World Cup playoffs – I love football!  (Both kinds – the kind where the game is actually played with the feet and the kind America plays!)  I think if the whole team had played as well as the US goalie, we’d have been in the playoffs – good word for ME!

July 4 found me with my family watching fireworks in Denton.  FUN FUN FUN!  Took me a loooooong time to get home from there – tried a new shortcut – ha!

Next day (5th) I drove to Gainesville and met Tobey (#1 daughter) and her hubby Chad.  This is the start of the “LUCY AND ETHEL” roadtrip!  This year we decided to do photo shoots in silly shirts, crazy glasses and goofy hats.  Will see if you agree!

We didn’t leave until Tuesday because I have ESL lessons on Sunday morning and Monday night.  So we spent Monday doing errands at home – and making stepping stones.  Made quite a few – great memories.

Our first day out, we stopped in West, Texas for a few photo opps.  Can hardly see Tobey in this pic but it is the official West sign.


Can you tell we’re wearing our Sunday best?    We takes our road trips seriously!                

First stop was in Georgetown where we met up with a friend from my Abu Dhabi days - Carrie Eubanks and her kids.  She only had Joseph, Nathan and Sarah when they lived in Abu Dhabi but has two gorgeous girls added to this flock from overseas.  I didn't get photos of anybody but Nathan and Joseph and me - sorry!
   Love these guys!
THEN we went to San Marcos for a visit with our "donkey" friends - Trisha and Ralph.  We shared our silly shirt pics with Trisha - only her shirt wasn't so silly!  I posted donkey pictures last month - check em out.  Those babies are adorable!
I'm not sure Trisha acts silly until we come by - just sayin!

Along the way we shared our silliness with the weary travelers on the road with our new moustaches!
Mine's cuter I think!
One of our favoritest places is Buc-ees - and the biggest one EVER is outside San Marcos/New Braunfels.  They've got SO MUCH STUFF in this store - love it!

We stopped over at cousin Linda's in Portland and had dinner with her baby girl Kristin and hubby John.  Had a great time visiting and talking marketing for my books!  And eating - too busy to take photos - hee hee!

THEN, on to Corpus Christi and long time friend Jack.  (Tobey calls her Aunt Janice) Jack and I go waaaaaaay back (we plus Trisha were "We Three" in the University of Corpus Christi days) and SHE was the first to see our sweet Tobey.  Jack got to go up in the nursery, dress Tobey and bring her down to us - she and Tobey have a TIGHT bond!  And this may all be scuttled when she sees this photo - hee hee!
So, here's the story.  One of Jack's
most favoritest things is taking her guests on a dune buggy ride of the beach.  Tobey just wanted to put her feet in the water and do some shell hunting.  WELL, no sooner had we started off than the big black clouds gathered.  Tobey got out to "shower off" from her sand adventure and KABOOM - down came the flood.  No windshields, windows or doors in these puppies and we were all SOAKED - including Jack's older sister Joyce.  OH BOY - fun!  

We came home and dried off and then went out to eat at a yum Mexican restaurant - couldn't resist getting a photo with this ginormous rooster!
And yes, the food was FANTASTIC - even with a big rooster bodyguard hanging out!  We also worked in a trip to Goodwill - I LOVE HANGING OUT THERE - ya find the most amazing treasures!  Can you BELIEVE somebody actually threw this away?!   Tobey said if my eyes were on straight then my nose was crooked - hee hee!

We had one more stop - this one a short one outside Brookshire (near Houston) where my cousin lives in an airplane hangar!  This is my sassy cousin Dee Ann and her hubby John beside their plane. Tobey wanted to sit in it - so we've got a shot or two of her in the cockpit - but trust me, we never got out of the hangar!

We got home tired and weary but had SO much fun.  Got Tobey to the airport early Sunday morning - she had to run to make that flight.  WHEW - and it was only the 13th of the month.

July also brought a mini-reunion.  AAA friend Kay Bacon and her sister Jean Rae drove up from Waco and we teamed up with another former Angleton High School teacher who JUST HAPPENS to be my neighbor!  Carolyn Teague!  We had lunch at the Cheesecake Factory and went for a short shop at Sprouts.

And then ... my Mexican daughter Rocio came to Dallas with her family for a visit.  I picked up Roci and her daughter Rebekah and took them to visit my son and his family.  Roci lived with us when Tori was a baby and now she's an English teacher herself!  FUN!


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