Wednesday, October 22, 2014

REACHING BACK to April 2014      .....     NEW BEGINNINGS

Well now - into each life some poo must fall.  And a boatload fell into mine the end of February - and now, here I am back in Texas.  Betrayal is NEVER fun - on any level.  "Nuff said!"

A painful parting with my precious Shakespeare - he was so very weak and frail and those eyes were just begging me to let him go.  I couldn't bring him back and bury him in our yard - I just had to leave him in the hands of my sweet vet and trust I'll see him again!
Rest in Peace, my little love.

So, Dickens and Janey and I arrived at the airport in Cairo just before midnight to prep for our loooooong flight back to Texas.  We were met by Latif - the expiditer provided by the company - who quickly found out that there had been a mistake on my ticket and I had only booked ONE DOG in the hold and one CAT in cabin.  Both cats were in their air carriers - Janey's too big for cabin! You can't imagine what a stir we made at the airport.  TWO huge bags, two cat carriers, a carryon and a frazzled me.  What do we do?  I cannot leave her.  I cannot go back ... getting out of Egypt was HARD! The airline (Lufthansa ROCKS) agreed to take my carrier AND my carryon as checked luggage at no extra cost.  See the shrink wrap?  That's my carry-on - which had my LAPTOP in it! OY VEY!

Latif went out on the midnight Cairo airport street and found a plastic gym bag.  He and someone at the airport cut holes in it and THIS is what my precious Janey rode home in - in Business Class.  She was an ANGEL!  She couldn't turn around - barely ate - but slept all the way home.

And then the tricky business of getting all this stuff home - thank goodness for sweet Daphne who picked us up in her big Volvo, helped get Janey into the carrier and transported all of us home.  Of course, there was the mandatory stop for cat litter - and half-n-half for my coffee!

Janey has forgiven me - especially since I've fixed her a cozy place to watch birds and squirrels! Dickens - well he's old and getting senile and can't quite bring himself to try and get along.  But we're coping.


And once again - BOXES!  This time only 120 or so!  But they arrived, were unpacked and the settling began.  Getting out of Egypt was very painful but it is SO WONDERFUL to finally be home and safe and "out" - honest, transparent and humbled.

My major project has been this horrid yard.  I first began with weekly trips to my favorite store - Lowe's - to purchase plants in the "sick plant" department.  I planted rose bushes and Mandevilla vines along the fence - now Janey and I have a pleasant view from our prayer closet.


AFTER in transition

It's starting to take shape ... I'll show you more as progress evolves.  Suffice it to say, that turning into the driveway now makes me smile.  I needed a "happy place" and this is it.

Loving getting to spend time with my son and his family - and driving up to Tulsa to see my sweet daughter and her hubby.  And of course, being able to join my church family is over the moon wonderful!  All in all, it's GOOD to be home!  The biggest difficulty is pronouns for me - I now have to switch from "us" to "me" and from "we" to "I" - but I'm learning - hee hee!

My first Monday back at volunteering brought a very special surprise.  Two sweet people, newly arrived from IRAN and needing English help.  Voila!  ESL classes at DFW New Beginnings have begun.  We have Sunday morning lessons and Monday night lessons and I am LOVING it!

The book is almost ready.  Finishing up edits and proofing cover designs - SO exciting.

No matter what life throws - God is bigger.  No matter the hurdle - He is able.  Life is GOOD and God is GOODER (don't tell my ESL students that though)!

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